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Bugo performs 'Comunique Io Voglio Te' for BalconyTV
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What is a famous Italian musician doing on a Delhi balcony?

Bugo, real name Cristian Bugatti, born in 1973 in Italy, spent his early years among the rice fields of Novara (a town just 50 km from Milan). A self-taught artist, he started his career as a musician in 1999. Bugo was signed in 2002 by Universal Music, and has already recorded 8 albums, in a range of styles and expressions.

Before moving to New Delhi in September 2010, he scored the original soundtrack for the Italian movie "Missione di Pace" ( "Peace mission"), official selection, 2011 Venice Film Festival.

His latest album "New Remedies for Myopia" (2011, Universal Music Italy), marks a new beginning in Bugo's musical career, revealing an intimate, reflective expression, drawing heavily from his own life and experiences. In his own words, it is the journey for something authentic. At a time when everything seems to have collapsed, where "everywhere there is a crisis," (as Bugo sings in "C'è crisi" -There's a crisis- one of his huge Italian hits in 2008), Bugo writes an album about those trivial and simple things affecting the lives of everyday, simple things, coating them with a new light.

Bugo is a multi-faceted artist. In 2008, he started his career with the visual arts. In the last few years, his artworks have found their way into installations, galleries and his own music videos. His latest artwork is displayed at the Tim store on Via Paolo Sarpi 26 in Milan.

In addition to his own albums, he regularly composes and works with filmmakers, bands and collaborators. Here is a song he wrote for the Italian rock band Bastard Sons of Dioniso (with his cameo in the videoclip directly from New Delhi)

The song performed for BalconyTV Delhi is "Comunque io voglio te" (translated "However i want you"), third single from his last album.

He is currently in Delhi working on new songs for the next album.

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